The Australian Society of Horticultural Science is pleased to invite you to attend The Future of Horticulture 2019 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The aim of FOH2019 of the event is to promote and enhance Australian horticultural science and industry. FoH2019 will focus on a variety of aspects relating to the future of horticulture in Australia including innovation, precision agriculture, and engaging with the next generation. FoH is being held as a shoulder event to Hort Connections 2019.

MONDAY 24th JUNE 2019



Future of Horticulture 2018 was held as a shoulder event to Hort Connections at the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre on Monday 18th June, 2018; with over 90 delegates registering for the event.

FoH2018 focussed on a variety of aspects relating to the future of horticulture in Australia including innovation, precision agriculture, protected cropping, plant breeding and new crop: medicinal cannabis. Presenters included leading researchers around the country as well as short speed update presentations, regional updates, and awards for best student presentation sponsored by QAAFI. The FoH awards ceremony awarded Dr Russ Stephenson (formerly QDPI&F) with an AuSHS Honorary Membership for his outstanding contribution to the Australian horticultural industry and the Society.

Following FoH, event delegates received complimentary passes to Hort Connections cocktail welcoming reception. After the official opening of Hort Connections, AuSHS members met up for a social evening and dinner. We look forward to holding a similar event in 2019 and hope to see you there.




The 30th International Horticultural Congress will be held in Istanbul, Turkey between 12 – 16 August 2018. As widely known Istanbul is the only city bridging two continents, Asia with Europe, in the world. The theme of IHC2018 is ‘Bridging the World through Horticulture’. It is heavily focused on research and innovation and will have training components related to various fields of Horticulture. IHC2018 will provide an excellent platform for scientists, technicians, students, consultants, engineers, extension agents, growers, industry, trade and consumer organizations, policy makers and other professionals having an interest in horticulture. IHC2018 will have a rich scientific program to allow a diffuse interaction among scientists as well as instutions.

Runs from
12 – 16 AUGUST, 2018


International Symposia on Tropical and Temperate Horticulture 2016

ISTTH2016 attracted delegates from all sections of the horticultural industry worldwide to Cairns, North Queensland for a series of ISHS symposia on tropical and temperature horticulture. The Congress was hosted by the International Society for Horticultural Science, and included meetings of regional horticultural societies and associations. The Scientific Program Committee featured 7 new ISHS symposia in addition to a few established symposia. 

Runs from
20th – 25th November, 2016



The IHC 2014 Organising Committee have worked tirelessly on the 2014 Congress for many years, always continuing to work with determination, enthusiasm and passion to ensure that a world class event was delivered for all involved. We would like to thank the 3200 delegates, sponsors & exhibitors for their support & attendance at the Congress. The program was delivered to the highest of standards with 1400 oral presentations and 1350 poster presentations, from delegates from more than 100 different countries. From the Congress sessions, to the networking functions and the field trips, we do hope that you enjoyed your IHC 2014 experience and gained a fruitful basket of information, contacts and experiences of which you will remember and cherish into the future.

Runs from
17 – 22 AUGUST, 2014