This Floral Lego Centerpiece Makes For The Perfect Fall Decor

This Floral Lego Centerpiece Makes For The Perfect Fall Decor

This Floral Lego Centerpiece Makes For The Perfect Fall Decor


Legos continue to be a cultural staple, providing endless hours of building and play that reflect their over 90-year history in American homes. While you may associate these toys with childhood, the company has considerably upped their game for adults. They’ve created a number of breathtaking and complex building sets that not only prove to be a fun leisure activity for grown-ups but also produce gorgeous decor and sculptural pieces. These include their stylish Botanical Collection, the models of which are almost as colorful and lush as real flowers. One of the options, namely the Dried Flower Centerpiece, would make a particularly whimsical and playful idea for a fall tablescape. Further, this item is a great alternative to using real fall flowers in rustic vases, as it will last forever. 

Available at a few different retailers, sets in the Botanical Collection come in many different flower designs. While the assembly is considerably more complex than sets designed for kids and can contain close to 1,000 tiny pieces, when you are finished, you’ll have an enduring, nature-inspired sculpture to enjoy for years. Discover more about this Lego fall centerpiece and how to style it in your tabletop display. 

Styling Lego flowers for fall

fall lego centerpiece

Try pairing the autumnal centerpiece, which costs about $50 on Lego’s website, with other fall table accents like dishware and candles for a fun, whimsical look. The design features a large gerbera daisy and rose surrounded by other fall grasses and blooms. You can mix the centerpiece with other more natural elements on your table that provide texture and contrast. The blooms are a similar size and scale to real flowers, making them perfect for placing inside your favorite decorative platter, basket, or other vessel. 

The Lego set centerpiece comes in a bright array of colors plucked from nature and would be perfect for fall gatherings like back-to-school events, children’s birthdays, or casual autumn dinner parties. This item could even be a unique way to elevate your Thanksgiving table decor. Or, you could present a finished set as a hostess gift as an alternative to live flowers. Combine several botanical sets together for a full array of plants and flowers, which would make your home look even more lush. 

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Dr Heidi Parkes

By Dr Heidi Parkes

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