The DIY Flower Bed That’s Already Sitting In Your Backyard

The DIY Flower Bed That's Already Sitting In Your Backyard

The DIY Flower Bed That’s Already Sitting In Your Backyard

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Planting a flower garden might sound like a walk in the park, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s hard enough having to cater to different varieties of plants. Not only must you make sure they have the right soil type with proper drainage and enough water and sunlight to grow, but you also have to choose your location carefully. Making sure your flower bed is situated in an optimal spot is key to the growth of your flowers and to the quality of their bloom. 

To your surprise, you probably don’t know that you have a natural bed sitting in your backyard, ready to be used. Your dead tree stump can be repurposed into a decorative DIY flower bed. If you have an old or unused tree stump just sitting in your yard, then this is your chance to transform something so mundane into a sight to see by turning it into a stunning flower garden. 

Flower beds are basically the areas in which you plant your flowers. While you could theoretically plant your garden anywhere, flowers planted on raised soil are better than those planted on flat earth for a number of reasons. Raised flower beds offer more space, adequate drainage, and weed control. If you’re wondering whether you can accomplish all of this with just an old tree stump, the answer is yes. You can create a proper flower bed in just a few easy steps.

Dig out the tree stump for an exciting DIY flower bed

The older the stump, the better it will work for your flower bed. This is because it’ll be easy to carve out the wood to make room for your brilliant flora. According to Gingham Gardens, you will need to draw out the area you want to carve out of the trunk with ink and then go gather your power tools: your drill, hammer, electric chisel, and whatever digging tools you’ll require.

TikTok DIY craft page @creativelyhome lays out the simple steps required to transform that dingy old trunk into a brilliantly flowered attraction. Start by digging out the stump. You need to create a large, sturdy base for your flowers to root properly, so scoop out as much wood as possible. Rotten stumps are perfect for this because they’re much softer than fresh ones. Go as deep as you need to. Once your base is created, drill some drainage holes into the sides of the trunk. This will ensure your plant roots don’t get waterlogged and rot. A few holes later, you can toss some gravel and nutritious soil into the base. Finally, plant your flowers and watch them bloom.

If you already have a tree stump flower bed that needs some revamping from the previous set of flowers, you can just give it a touch-up. Just remove the old plant, scoop out the dirt, and replace it with fresh soil and a flower transplant if you wish, as @creativelyhome demonstrates in their video.

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By Dr Heidi Parkes

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