The Added Benefits Of Planting Roses Next To Lavender

The Added Benefits Of Planting Roses Next To Lavender

The Added Benefits Of Planting Roses Next To Lavender

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By planting the right flowers side-by-side, you can reap added growth benefits without any extra effort on your part — every gardener’s dream. Rose and lavender are two of the most common flower varieties, and planting them next to each other not only looks pretty but could also benefit both plants. Why? Because both flowers thrive in similar soil conditions, and both love the sun. They also make for a visually stunning pair due to the smaller, cupped appearance of roses and the tall, lively appearance of lavender sprigs. 

Of course, as with any variety of flower, not all rules apply to all varieties. It’s always good to be mindful of things like how much distance you should leave between your flowers and the care each one needs. Here’s what you should know about planting your rose and lavender flowers side by side and why it could be the best gardening decision you ever make.

A beautiful pest repellent

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A major bonus of planting roses next to lavender is that the latter attracts bees due to its early-summer bloom, which is beneficial for roses. Moreover, lavender repels aphids — pests that have an affinity for roses and can eat away at their stems to such an extent that they lose nourishment and die. Lavender also attracts ladybugs, which eat aphids and can help you get rid of them without having to spend a penny. The bushy perennial also repels any hungry deer and rabbits that might have their eye on your flowers, meaning your roses can bloom in peace. 

Aesthetics-wise, rose and lavender make a great pair due to the bush-like growth of lavender, which can make for an eye-catching display. When you toss some roses into the mix, especially those in vibrant colors, the combination of bushes will make your garden look much fuller.

Not all varieties of rose will work

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Bear in mind that not all rose varieties require the same well-draining soil as lavender. If you do want the benefit of your flowers sharing the same soil, look for shrub and floribunda roses in particular, both of which thrive within soils that have good drainage. In terms of maintenance, lavender is low, only requiring full sun to grow. Because of this, you should make sure your roses are not blocking your lavender bush from getting sun.

If in doubt, aim for 2 to 3 feet between your lavenders and roses to ensure each flower gets a good amount of light and growing room. Color doesn’t affect how your flowers will grow, but we recommend planting apricot, pink, and red roses near lavenders for a charmingly colorful display. The combination smells amazing, and you may find that your planted roses grow faster thanks to the added help of neighboring lavenders.

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Dr Heidi Parkes

By Dr Heidi Parkes

Senior Information Extension Officer QLD Dept of Agriculture & Fisheries.