Sweet Tomatoes, a restaurant chain that had previously closed all of its locations, is starting to reopen its doors.

Sweet Tomatoes, a restaurant chain that had previously closed all of its locations, is starting to reopen its doors.

It’s been a sad thought for many fans of the buffet-style chain restaurant Sweet Tomatoes – what would happen if they never opened their doors again? It looks like that might not be the case after all. The parent company of Sweet Tomatoes, Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes, has announced plans to reopen locations in Florida and eventually in California. Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes was forced to close its doors in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and many thought the chain would never be able to bounce back.

The buffet-style restaurant concept, which features a wide variety of fresh salads, soups, and baked goods, was hit particularly hard by the pandemic. Buffet-style dining is no longer compliant with current health and safety requirements, and many other buffet chains have had to close their doors for good. However, Sweet Tomatoes is getting creative and exploring a new business model to make a comeback.

Sweet Tomatoes is considering a new concept where staff members serve food from behind a barrier, similar to the setup of a food court. The chain is also looking into implementing additional safety features, such as online ordering and contactless payment options, to ensure the safety of its employees and customers. According to a post on the restaurant’s Facebook page, Sweet Tomatoes is “working through all the considerations to see what our new normal might look like.”

Sweet Tomatoes already has a loyal following, with many fans expressing their excitement about the potential reopening on social media. One Facebook user wrote, “I can’t wait to go back to Sweet Tomatoes! It’s been too long!” Another user commented, “Sweet Tomatoes was always my go-to restaurant. I’m thrilled to hear they might be coming back!”

While Sweet Tomatoes has not announced an official reopening date yet, the plans to reopen indicate that the chain is on the road to recovery. With support from loyal fans and the implementation of new safety measures, Sweet Tomatoes could be back in business sooner than we thought.


Facebook has been an instrumental platform for many businesses, and Sweet Tomatoes is no exception. The shuttered restaurant chain has turned to Facebook to communicate and update its loyal customers on the latest news regarding their return. The parent company, Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes, announced last month its plans to reopen some locations under a new concept.

Facebook has allowed Sweet Tomatoes to reach a large audience, as the social media platform has millions of active users. The company has been using Facebook to share updates on the progress of opening sites, as well as interacting with their followers. Through their Facebook posts, Sweet Tomatoes has confirmed that they are working to meet the requirements set by the FDA’s COVID-19 guidelines. This demonstrates their commitment to the safety and well-being of their customers.

Facebook has also provided Sweet Tomatoes with an opportunity to show that they are not just a salad and soup concept. The company has shared enticing images and descriptions of their delicious foods, including their famous salad bar, which features a variety of fresh ingredients. By showcasing their menu and highlighting their offerings, Sweet Tomatoes is building anticipation and reminding followers of what they can expect when the restaurant chains eventually reopen.

Furthermore, on Facebook, Sweet Tomatoes’ chairman and owner, Robert Haywood, has engaged with customers directly, responding to their comments and answering their questions. This personal touch helps to reassure customers and fosters a sense of connection with the brand. Sweet Tomatoes’ Facebook page has become a go-to destination for fans of the restaurant, where they can not only get the latest news but also engage in conversations about their favorite dishes.

In addition to providing updates on their reopening plans, Sweet Tomatoes has utilized Facebook to gather feedback from their customers. They have asked their followers about their thoughts on the new concept and what food items they are most excited to see on the menu. This interaction with their audience shows that Sweet Tomatoes values their customers’ opinions and wants to ensure that the new concept meets their expectations and desires.

Facebook has proven to be an invaluable tool for Sweet Tomatoes during this challenging time. It has allowed them to stay connected with their customers, keep them informed about the progress of their reopening, and gather valuable feedback. As they continue to work towards opening their restaurants once again, Sweet Tomatoes will undoubtedly rely on Facebook to spread the news and excite their fan base.

SouplantationSweet Tomatoes

The chain of restaurants known as Sweet Tomatoes (or Souplantation in California) is making a comeback, with plans to reopen several locations. Sweet Tomatoes, which is famous for its salad bars and variety of soups, ceased operations last year due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, its parent company, Garden Fresh Restaurants, is now attempting to revive the brand and bring it back into service.

The concept of Sweet Tomatoes was beloved by food enthusiasts and salad lovers across the nation. It offered a buffet-style dining experience where customers could create their own customized salads with fresh, wholesome ingredients. The menu also included a range of soups, providing a hearty meal for customers. The buffet and salad concept could be considered ahead of its time, as it was focused on healthy and customizable food options long before it became a trend.

News of the chain’s potential comeback started circulating last month when it was announced that the company’s CEO, John Haywood, was in talks with the FDA’s central office. In an interview, Haywood told Foodster Magazine that he is working to meet the FDA guidelines and regulations to ensure the safety of the food served at Sweet Tomatoes.

While some may argue that buffet-style restaurants are no longer viable in a post-pandemic world, Haywood believes otherwise. He stated that Sweet Tomatoes’ larger dining areas and open salad bars can easily accommodate social distancing measures. He also noted that the company is exploring the possibility of adding additional safety features, such as sneeze guards and individually wrapped utensils, to further enhance customer safety.

The reopening of Sweet Tomatoes locations is a much-anticipated event for its loyal customers and fans. Many have expressed their excitement and shared their thoughts on social media platforms such as Facebook. The owners of Sweet Tomatoes have been actively engaging with customers on these platforms, providing updates on the progress of their reopening efforts.

Overall, the return of Sweet Tomatoes is seen as a positive development for the restaurant industry, as it demonstrates resilience and a willingness to adapt to the changing times. As the company begins to open locations again, it could serve as a hopeful sign for other shuttered food chains striving to make a comeback. The legacy of Sweet Tomatoes lives on, and its return brings joy to the hearts of salad and soup enthusiasts everywhere.


In the context of the shuttered restaurant chain Sweet Tomatoes beginning to open locations again, fans of the beloved fast-food salad and buffet concept @Souplantation, also known as Sweet Tomatoes, were thrilled to hear the news. According to a Facebook post from the chairman of the parent company, Souplantation is starting to consider opening some of its locations in California, Florida, and other states.

Although there is no official timeline for when @Souplantation locations will open again, the fact that they are even considering it is excellent news for fans of their fresh and healthy food options. @Souplantation has always been a popular choice for those looking for a variety of salads and other buffet offerings.

If you are a fan of @Souplantation and eager to hear updates on when their locations may be reopening, be sure to follow their official Facebook page for the latest news and announcements. And if you live in California or Florida, there’s a chance that @Souplantation could be coming to a location near you in the coming months.

It is important to note, however, that the decision to reopen @Souplantation locations fully depends on various factors such as government regulations, public health requirements, and the overall state of the restaurant business. The chairman of the parent company mentioned that they are exploring different options and considering all aspects before making any final decisions.

For now, fans and supporters of @Souplantation will have to wait for more news to come. In the meantime, it’s encouraging to know that the chain is getting the wheels turning and talking about potentially beginning to open locations again. Hopefully, this reopening process goes smoothly and results in the return of the beloved @Souplantation concept.

Shuttered Restaurant Chain Sweet Tomatoes Is Beginning to Open Locations Again

The shuttered restaurant chain Sweet Tomatoes is making a comeback, as some of its locations are starting to reopen. After closing its doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sweet Tomatoes’ parent company, Garden Fresh Restaurants, announced plans to open a few of its Souplantation locations under a new name: SouplantationSweet Tomatoes.

It’s not surprising that Sweet Tomatoes is taking a cautious approach to reopening. As a buffet-style restaurant, it’s faced unique challenges. Buffets have been considered a potential hotspot for spreading the virus, and the FDA’s guidelines for restaurants during the pandemic explicitly recommend against self-serve food stations.

However, Sweet Tomatoes is trying to find a way to bring back its popular salad bar without compromising safety. One proposed concept is to have staff members serve customers directly at the salad bar, using sneeze guards to cover the food. This model is similar to what other buffet chains have done, such as Golden Corral.

While some fans of the restaurant chain were excited about the news, others were more skeptical. Some felt that the new safety measures could take away from the experience or change the atmosphere of the restaurant.

The owner of Sweet Tomatoes, John Haywood, addressed these concerns in a statement on Facebook, assuring fans that they are doing everything they can to maintain the same quality and experience. He also emphasized that the new SouplantationSweet Tomatoes locations are just the beginning, and they plan to open more sites in the coming months.

However, not everyone was convinced by Haywood’s statement. Some critics called the reopening plans disingenuous, accusing the company of using the COVID-19 crisis as an excuse to shut down underperforming locations.

Despite the backlash, Sweet Tomatoes’ parent company appears to be fully committed to reviving the chain. They have obtained the necessary capital to reopen the first few locations and are actively working on getting more sites up and running.

It remains to be seen whether the new SouplantationSweet Tomatoes model will be successful. The company is taking a risk by trying to bring back a buffet-style restaurant in a post-pandemic world, where health and safety concerns loom larger than ever. However, for their dedicated fans, the return of Sweet Tomatoes is a long-awaited and welcome development.

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