How to Build a DIY Bamboo Fence for Privacy from Neighbors

How to Build a DIY Bamboo Fence for Privacy from Neighbors

Living near neighbors can have both advantages and disadvantages. While you may desire friendly gatherings and shared backyard barbecues, there can be differences in personal aesthetic choices. This is especially true in shared spaces like property boundaries and fence lines, which can sometimes appear unsightly from your side of the fence. Although good fences can make good neighbors, building a new one on your side to cover a neighbor’s unattractive fence can be quite costly.

However, TikTok user @phoenixandtheocean has an excellent solution that is inexpensive and easy to install to combat an unattractive fence. When a neighbor raised their fence line above the existing one, @phoenixandtheocean covered her side of the fence with budget-friendly bamboo to increase the height and beauty of the existing shorter fence. Not only does the bamboo fencing cover up what ails you, but it can also transform your outdoor space into a tropical oasis.

Bamboo fencing, which typically comes in rolls, is also a great alternative to expensive new fencing or other long-range ideas for hiding the fence, such as growing climbing plants or planting brushes. Extremely budget-friendly, bamboo fencing is available in various shades, sizes, and weaves from retailers such as Target, Home Depot, and Amazon.

Adding bamboo screening to your fence


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Begin by determining the amount of fencing required to cover your side of the fence. If you have an existing fence, simply attach the new bamboo to the fence with mounting screws every few feet. You can also attach bamboo to a chain-link fence using galvanized wire wrapped around the bamboo and links. If you have an uneven or slanted fenceline, cut the bamboo down with a saw or heavy-weight gardening shears. The existing fence will offer the bamboo fence additional support in staying secure and upright.

In your own yard, you can also mount bamboo fencing to an unsightly exterior structure wall, like a garage or shed, by building a simple framework out of single pieces of wood to attach it to. This approach also works for a concrete or stucco wall between properties. Bamboo screening is also great for renters, who can easily disguise a wire fence or add bamboo as an accent or privacy screen to a balcony railing. Just use heavy zip ties in lieu of screws to attach the material to the existing fence or railing.

Styling and maintaining a bamboo fence

bamboo fence in yard

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While @phoenixandtheocean paints her bamboo fence white, you can leave it natural or paint it your desired color. The overall look can make your yard feel like a resort, so it’s a great chance to add other accents to the fence, including torch lights, fairy lights, or wall planters. Thinner pieces of bamboo look more like grass, while thicker screening can give a sleeker and more modern look.

While bamboo is durable, it can fade or sag with time, particularly in areas with large temperature variations, moisture, and direct sunlight. Since it’s a budget friendly material, you can just replace the bamboo as needed if it becomes discolored or damaged. You may also need to reposition it if the bamboo slackens over time. Using a sealant, particularly one that is UV-resistant, will help keep your bamboo looking good for longer. Keep an eye out for pest problems or mold growth, many of which can be prevented by regular cleaning and re-sealing.

Dr Heidi Parkes

By Dr Heidi Parkes

Senior Information Extension Officer QLD Dept of Agriculture & Fisheries.