Growing Rhubarb from Seeds: A Beginner’s Guide to Starting Your Own Rhubarb Plants


If you’re a fan of gardening, then you’ve probably tried your hand at growing various fruits and vegetables. But have you ever thought of growing your own rhubarb? Rhubarb is a little gem of a plant that can be grown in your southern garden. It can be a bit tricky to start from seed, but with a little patience and some helpful tips, you can successfully grow your own rhubarb seedlings.

When it comes to rhubarb seeds, one variety that is highly recommended is the Victoria Rhubarb. This variety is known for its abundant and delicious harvest. If you’re not sure where to buy these seeds, a quick Google search will lead you to some online shops that offer them for purchase. Just make sure to read reviews and choose a trustworthy seller.

Once you have your rhubarb seeds, you can start the growing experience. It is best to start them indoors in a glass or some other container. This will help protect your seedlings from any unexpected outside conditions. Just sow the seeds inside and wait for them to germinate.

After about a year, your rhubarb seedlings will be ready to be planted in your garden. Make sure to choose a sunny spot with well-drained soil. Plant them at a depth of about an inch and a half, and leave about three feet of space between each plant. Rhubarb plants are known to be quite large once grown, so they need room to spread out.

Most people find growing rhubarb to be a rewarding experience. Not only does it make for a beautiful addition to your garden, but it also offers the joy of harvesting your own fresh rhubarb. Whether you plan to use it in pies, jams, or just enjoy it on its own, rhubarb is a gift from nature that never ceases to amaze.

Rhubarb Seeds

Rhubarb seeds can be a very helpful and abundant addition to your garden. Whether you are an experienced gardener or just starting out, growing rhubarb from seeds can be a great experience.

For those who have never grown rhubarb before, it may come as a surprise that it is actually a vegetable. Rhubarb is a perennial plant that is grown primarily for its stalks, which can be cooked and used in a variety of ways. Rhubarb stalks, when mature, are long and thick and can add a unique tartness to recipes.

If you want to grow rhubarb from seeds, it is best to start them indoors. You can purchase rhubarb seeds from a variety of sources, both online and in gardening stores. It is important to choose a variety that is suitable for your region. Popular varieties like Glaskins and Victoria will do well in most areas.

To start your rhubarb seeds indoors, fill a seed tray or small pots with compost and sow the seeds about half an inch deep. Keep the soil moist and place the tray or pots in a warm location. It can take several weeks for the seeds to germinate, so be patient!

Once your seedlings have grown to a few inches tall, they can be transplanted outside. Choose a sunny, well-drained spot in your garden and prepare the soil by adding compost or well-rotted manure. Plant the seedlings about three feet apart to allow for their mature size.

Rhubarb is a hardy plant that will continue to grow year after year. In the first year, it is best to avoid harvesting any stalks to allow the plant to establish itself. In the second year, you can start to harvest a few stalks, but be sure to leave at least half of the plant untouched. By the third year, you can harvest rhubarb stalks as you like.

One of the great pleasures of growing rhubarb from seeds is that you can share the abundance with others. Rhubarb makes a lovely gift for friends and family, and they will very likely enjoy the experience of growing their own rhubarb plants.

If you’re not sure where to buy rhubarb seeds or if you’ve tried planting them before with little success, a quick Google search will give you a variety of options. Just remember to choose a reputable source and read any reviews or testimonials.

So why not give rhubarb seeds a try? They are a relatively easy plant to grow, making them a great choice for both experienced gardeners and beginners. Plus, you’ll have a delicious and versatile vegetable to enjoy for years to come!

Where to Buy Rhubarb Seeds

If you are looking to start a rhubarb garden, it can be helpful to know where you can buy rhubarb seeds. Rhubarb seeds are not as common as other plant seeds, but with some effort, you can find them and start your own rhubarb growing experience.

Some garden shops may have rhubarb seeds available, but they are not as abundant as other seeds. If your local garden shop doesn’t have them, you can try searching online. There are many online stores that sell rhubarb seeds and can deliver them right to your doorstep.

One popular variety of rhubarb is Victoria. It is a very productive and tasty variety that can be grown from seeds. You can start the seeds indoors, and once they have grown into seedlings, you can then plant them outside in your garden.

Katie Glaskins is another variety of rhubarb that is worth trying. It is known for its large and juicy stalks and is a favorite among many rhubarb enthusiasts.

For those who don’t want to bother with growing from seeds, you can also buy rhubarb seedlings. Many garden centers and nurseries offer rhubarb seedlings for purchase. This can be a great option if you want to skip the seed starting process and get right to planting.

If you are looking for a unique rhubarb gift, consider purchasing rhubarb seeds for a gardening enthusiast in your life. It can be a thoughtful and practical gift that they will surely appreciate.

So, whether you decide to grow rhubarb from seeds or buy seedlings, the pleasure of harvesting your own rhubarb is worth it. Just remember to choose a sunny spot in your garden and keep the soil moist. With a little care and attention, you can enjoy the delicious taste of rhubarb for many years to come.

Now that you know where to buy rhubarb seeds, start your own rhubarb garden and experience the joys of growing this versatile and flavorful plant!

Rhubarb Seeds

Rhubarb seeds can be a great gift for garden enthusiasts. Some people will purchase seeds to start their own rhubarb plants. The experience of planting and growing from seed can be very rewarding.

For those who have never tried growing rhubarb from seed, it can be a new and exciting experience. Inside a seed shop, you will find a variety of rhubarb seeds to choose from. Some popular varieties include Victoria and Glaskins. These seeds are abundant and can be just sown in a little glass or pot indoors.

Just like planting any other seed, rhubarb seeds need some care and attention. They can be planted in the garden or indoors, depending on where you live. In most areas, it is helpful to start the seeds indoors and then transplant the seedlings outside when the weather is more suitable.

If you live in a southern climate, rhubarb can be grown outside all year round. However, for those in colder regions, starting from seed indoors will give the plants a head start. This way, you can enjoy the pleasures of fresh rhubarb sooner.

Katie, who has been growing rhubarb for many years, found it very helpful to purchase rhubarb seeds. She likes to buy seeds from a trusted source, like Google or a local garden shop. The process of growing rhubarb from seed has become one of her favorite gardening activities.

Rhubarb seeds can be a great way to start your own little garden. Whether you have a small patio or a large backyard, growing rhubarb can be a satisfying and enjoyable experience. So why not give it a try and see how you like the taste of freshly grown rhubarb?

Glaskins – just like glass

If you are looking to buy rhubarb seeds for growing, Glaskins is a great option. Glaskins rhubarb seeds are known for their abundant and delicious harvests, making them one of the most popular choices among gardeners. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or just starting out, Glaskins seeds are a wonderful addition to your garden.

Growing rhubarb from seed can be a rewarding experience. If you plant Glaskins seeds, you may be able to enjoy their delicious stalks in just a year or two. For those who are impatient, starting with seedlings or purchasing Glaskins rhubarb plants is also an option.

Glaskins rhubarb seeds are just like glass because of their transparency and purity. They are the result of many years of careful breeding and selection, resulting in a rhubarb variety that is hardy and reliable. The Glaskins variety is named in honor of Katie Glaskin, a gardening enthusiast who played a significant role in developing this exceptional rhubarb variety.

One of the very helpful aspects of Glaskins rhubarb seeds is that they can be sown both indoors and outdoors, depending on your gardening preferences. If you have a greenhouse or want to start the seeds inside your home, you can do so. On the other hand, if you prefer to plant them directly outside in your garden, that is also possible.

If you are unsure where to buy Glaskins rhubarb seeds, a quick Google search will yield several online shops that offer them. Some local garden centers and nurseries may also carry Glaskins seeds. When purchasing Glaskins seeds, make sure to check the supplier’s reputation and reviews to ensure you are getting high-quality seeds.

After planting Glaskins rhubarb seeds, the plants will take a few years to fully mature and produce a bountiful harvest. However, the wait is well worth it, as you will be rewarded with the delicious and versatile stalks that can be used in a variety of dishes and desserts.

Whether you are a gardening enthusiast or just starting out, Glaskins rhubarb seeds are a wonderful addition to your garden. Their abundant harvests and tasty stalks will provide you with many years of gardening pleasures. So why not start growing your own rhubarb this year and enjoy the joys of gardening and the rewards of your efforts!

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Dr Heidi Parkes

By Dr Heidi Parkes

Senior Information Extension Officer QLD Dept of Agriculture & Fisheries.