Grow Joanna Gaines’ Favorite Flower Indoors For A Fresh, Sweet-Smelling Home

Grow Joanna Gaines' Favorite Flower Indoors For A Fresh, Sweet-Smelling Home

When we think about fresh flowers to decorate our homes, we usually picture a lovely garden in our backyard or boxes underneath the windows on the front porch. However, instead of limiting flowers to the outdoors, why not bring their beauty and fragrance inside? Joanna Gaines does just that by using her favorite flower, the rose, to add elegance and fresh scents to her home.

You might be surprised that Joanna’s favorite flower is a basic one, but she has a good reason for it. Roses are not only classically beautiful but also sturdy flowers that can last for many years if grown and cared for properly. Moreover, roses can serve a dual purpose: you can grow them in your own front or back yard to add life to your exterior, and when they are ready, bring a bouquet inside to brighten up your interior with sweet, fresh smells.

How to properly grow roses

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During an interview with Country Living, Joanna Gaines expressed that her love for roses stems from the idea that her rose bushes will remain the same for generations. If you want your rose bushes to also last throughout your family’s life cycle, you need to learn how to grow them properly. You want to pick a rose that fits your needs — if you want something low-maintenance, there are roses that are easier to grow than others. The most important thing to consider when planting roses is the sun. Roses need a lot of sunlight, about six hours per day, so you want to find an area in your yard that can accommodate that need.

You also want to look at your climate. It’s often best to grow your roses in fall-esque weather so their roots are strong before winter comes. If you don’t have cooler temps where you live, make sure your roses are at least getting some shade towards the end of the day. On the other hand, if you are in a climate prone to frost or extreme cold, make sure you wait until things warm up a bit before starting the growing process. Once your time of year and area is settled, plant your rose bushes away from other plants and from each other.

When to pick the roses to bring inside your home

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The hardest part is over: You grew your rose bushes and they are blooming and gorgeous. Now, you need to know the right way to pick them to ensure they are fresh and ready to bring indoors. To determine if the roses are ready to be cut, look at their petals. The ideal rose will have just started the blooming process, so while the petals may be opening, the actual flowers should not be fully opened. Try to cut your roses from their bush in the morning, using garden scissors and bringing along the vase or another water-filled container so they can be immersed in water right away and stay hydrated.

Once you have your roses inside, you’ll start to smell that sweet smell immediately. Place your roses in direct sunlight, if possible, and cut the stems every two or three days. You can make one big bouquet of roses or even place a single stem into a thin vase — no matter how you choose to arrange them, you’ll be smelling the fruits of your labor all day long.

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Dr Heidi Parkes

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