Get Your Front Porch Fall-Ready With This Gorgeous Container Garden Recipe

Get Your Front Porch Fall-Ready With This Gorgeous Container Garden Recipe

Get Your Front Porch Fall-Ready With This Gorgeous Container Garden Recipe

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Summer isn’t the only season that can give you a bright pop of color. Though fall is associated with faded hues, there are still plenty of plants that are bright yet scream “autumn!” Many plants planted in late spring or throughout summer are just revving up their blooms or colorful foliage by the time September rolls around, meaning you have an entire season to enjoy them while the rest of your garden starts to wind down to go to sleep. You can plant several of these plants in a pot and display them on your porch to brighten the place up.

When choosing plants to grow in a container, choose companion plants that won’t mind sharing a small space. Many plants do well in a container, but it’s good to double-check before you plant. For a perfect autumnal combination that will provide plenty of fall color, this container garden recipe is a great place to start.

This container garden will bring fall vibes


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Grab your favorite large container – or treat yourself to a new one – and fill it up with well-draining soil. Be sure the container has drainage holes, which is essential for healthy roots, and healthy plants. You’ll need Coleus ‘Autumn Blaze,’ Coleus ‘Chartreuse,’ Rudbeckia hirta (black-eyed Susan), Cordyline, Heuchera, and Lantana. The two Coleus plants provide a bright green color, with the ‘Autumn Blaze’ making a striking contrast with burgundy colors. The black-eyed Susans add a gorgeous pop of yellow, and the Cordyline and Heuchera carry the burgundy theme throughout the container to break up the green from the foliage. The white Lantana brightens up this recipe and really bounces off the deep colors of the black-eyed Susan leaves.

This recipe thrives in full sun with autumn temperatures and generous watering. Give it a deep drink every two days with the occasional boost of fertilizer. These pretty plants will last through fall until the temperatures get too cold, so you’ll have plenty of time to appreciate them.

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Dr Heidi Parkes

By Dr Heidi Parkes

Senior Information Extension Officer QLD Dept of Agriculture & Fisheries.