A comprehensive guide to the different types and varieties of lilies: Discover the most popular lily species.


When it comes to lilies, there is an abundance of beautiful varieties to choose from. From the classic Easter lily to the dazzling Stargazer, each type of lily has its own unique charm and beauty.

One popular variety is the Burpee Lily, known for its delicate and sweetly scented flowers. This lily is a perennial that blooms from late winter to early spring and can reach heights of up to three feet. It is commonly planted in humus-rich soil, making it a favorite among gardeners in the North.

The Turk’s Cap Lily is another favorite among lily enthusiasts. This variety, also known as Lilium bulbiferum, features outward-facing flowers in shades of salmon and burgundy. It is a two- to three-feet-tall plant that blooms in late spring or early summer and can be planted in both sunny and shady areas.

The Oriental Lily is a showstopper with its large, fragrant flowers and vibrant colors. The most famous variety is the Stargazer Lily, known for its deep pink petals and speckled white centers. This lily can grow up to three feet tall and blooms in the mid to late summer. It is a favorite for cut flower arrangements and can be planted in the garden or in containers.

The Asiatic Lily is one of the easiest lilies to grow and comes in a wide range of colors. These lilies have upward-facing flowers and are known for their abundant blooms. They are low-maintenance and thrive in well-drained soil. The Goldband Lily, also known as Lilium pumilum, is a popular variety among gardeners. It has bright yellow flowers with dark orange spots and blooms in early to mid-summer.

27 of the Best Lily Varieties with a Guide to Divisions

When it comes to lilies, there are a wide variety of options to choose from. Whether you wish to add elegance to your garden or create a stunning floral display, lilies are a regal choice. In this guide, we will explore 27 of the best lily varieties, categorized by their divisions.

Division I: Asiatic Hybrids

1. ‘Forever Susan’: With its deep reddish-burgundy petals and contrasting orange center, this lily adds a touch of drama to any garden.

2. ‘Netty’s Pride’: This vibrant orange lily boasts freckling on its petals, creating a unique and eye-catching floral display.

3. ‘Lovely Girl’: With its soft pink petals and lime-free stems, this lily is a beautiful addition to any landscape.

Division II: Martagon Hybrids

1. ‘Claude Shride’: Standing at three-feet-tall, this lily produces clusters of downward-facing blossoms in a stunning shade of pink.

2. ‘Orange Marmalade’: This variety boasts orange flowers with dark spots and is known for its ability to withstand harsh winter conditions.

3. ‘Anytime’: As its name suggests, this lily blooms at various times throughout the year, offering a continuous display of delicate pink flowers.

Division III: Candidum Hybrids

1. ‘Madonna Lily’: With its timeless beauty and sweet fragrance, this white lily has been a favorite since the middle ages.

2. ‘Corleone’: This lily produces large, white flowers with a yellow base and is a popular choice for both gardens and potted arrangements.

3. ‘Canna Lily’: While not a true lily, this plant produces stunning flowers that resemble lilies and come in a variety of colors, including red and yellow.

Division IV: American Hybrids

1. ‘Stargazer’: Known for its large and brilliantly fragrant blooms, this lily is a favorite among flower enthusiasts.

2. ‘Longiflorum Lily’: Often forced to bloom around Easter, this white lily is a classic choice for bouquets and arrangements.

3. ‘ViII Group’: This group is known for its high bud count and offers a range of colors, including pink, yellow, and orange.

Division V: Longiflorum and Trumpet Hybrids

1. ‘Nettys Girl’: This lily boasts large white flowers with a soft pink hue at the base and is a favorite among gardeners.

2. ‘Balcony Lily’: As its name suggests, this lily is perfect for growing in containers on balconies and produces stunning trumpet-shaped flowers.

3. ‘Xtra Tall Group’: If you’re looking for lilies that can reach extraordinary heights, this group is the perfect choice, with stems reaching up to seven feet tall.

Division VI: Oriental Hybrids

1. ‘Sorbonne’: This lily features large, fragrant flowers with pink petals and white edges, making it a favorite among gardeners.

2. ‘Star Gazer’: Known for its upward-facing, stunning pink flowers, this lily is a showstopper in any garden.

3. ‘Enchantment’: With its deep burgundy petals and white freckling, this lily adds a touch of elegance to any landscape.

Division VII: Trumpet and Aurelian Hybrids

1. ‘Golden Splendor’: This lily produces stunning, yellow flowers that can brighten up any garden.

2. ‘White Henryi’: With its outward-facing white flowers and yellow center, this lily is a classic choice for beginner gardeners.

3. ‘Canadian Sunset’: Originating from Canada, this lily is known for its vibrant orange blooms that can withstand deer and other pests.

Division VIII: Interdivisional Hybrids

1. ‘Cabo Carnival’: This lily is a combination of various divisions, resulting in unique and colorful flowers.

2. ‘Winter Lily’: As its name suggests, this lily blooms in the winter months, adding beauty to your garden during the colder seasons.

3. ‘Aphrodite’: This lily produces stunning pink flowers with white freckling and is a popular choice for both gardens and bouquets.

With this overview of some of the best lily varieties, you have plenty of options to choose from for your garden or floral arrangements. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of the Candidum hybrids or the vibrant colors of the American hybrids, lilies are sure to add beauty to any landscape. Experiment with different divisions and varieties to create the perfect lily-filled garden.

27 Favorite Lily Varieties

Here’s an overview of 27 of the most popular and beautiful lily varieties:

  • 1. Lily Auratum: Also known as the Golden Rayed Lily or the Goldband Lily, this lily variety is native to Japan and is one of the oldest known lily types. It has large, fragrant flowers with white petals and golden-yellow stripes.
  • 2. Lily Black Beauty: As its name suggests, this lily variety has stunning dark purple or almost black flowers. It is a crossbreeding of the Asiatic and Oriental lily types and is a favorite among gardeners for its unique and dramatic appearance.
  • 3. Lily Casa Blanca: This Oriental lily variety is well-loved for its large, pure white flowers and strong fragrance. It blooms in late summer and is a popular choice for adding elegance to gardens.
  • 4. Lily Easter Lily: The Easter Lily is a true classic and symbolizes purity and hope. Its trumpet-shaped, white flowers are commonly associated with Easter and are often seen as decorations during the holiday season.
  • 5. Lily Martagon: This lily variety is known for its elegant and graceful appearance. It has downward-facing flowers in various colors, including shades of pink, purple, and white. Martagon lilies are also known for their attractive foliage.
  • 6. Lily Stargazer: Stargazer lilies are a hybrid of Oriental and Asiatic lily types and are a favorite among lily enthusiasts. They have large, fragrant flowers with pink or white petals that are speckled with darker freckling.
  • 7. Lily Tiger Lily: Tiger lilies are well-known for their vibrant orange petals that are covered in dark spots. They are native to North America and are a favorite choice for adding a pop of color to gardens.
  • 8. Lily Zambesi: This lily variety is a crossbreeding between the Oriental and trumpet-shaped lilies. It has large and beautiful pink flowers with darker throats. Zambesi lilies are particularly spectacular when planted in groups.

These are just a few of the many types of lilies available. When buying lilies, note that they prefer a shady and well-drained location. The planting depth should be about three to nine inches, depending on the variety. Lilies are typically planted in the fall or early spring, and their roots should be protected until they emerge.

Lilies are a favorite among many gardeners due to their stunning beauty and fragrant blooms. Whether you choose Asiatic, Oriental, or another variety, lilies will add a touch of elegance to any garden. So, have fun exploring the different types and colors and enjoy your lily playtime!

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The Lily Authority

The Lily Authority is your best source for information on the types of lilies you want to grow. As the ultimate authority on lilies, we take pride in providing an overview of the most popular lily varieties.

When it comes to lilies, there are several types to choose from. Orientals, such as the Cancun Lily, are known for their large and fragrant blooms. These lilies are often produced in shades of white, pink, and red, and their downward-facing flowers add a touch of elegance to any garden.

If you’re unsure where to begin, let our authority on lilies help you. Here are 10 of the most popular lily varieties:

  1. Orientals
  2. Asiatics
  3. L.A. Hybrids
  4. Trumpets
  5. Longifloriums
  6. Turk’s Cap
  7. Canadense
  8. Martagons
  9. American
  10. Asiatic hybrids

Oriental lilies are classically grown in sunny areas, while Asiatics can tolerate both sun and shade. L.A. Hybrids are popular for their larger blooms and are often staked to provide support. Trumpets are known for their pure white or creamy-white flowers, making them a favourite for Easter and summer gardens.

Looking for a touch of history? Consider growing Longiflorium lilies. These were the first lilies to be crossbred, and they come in a variety of colours, including the ever-popular white and darker shades.

Whether you have a sunny or shady garden, there is a lily type that will thrive. Turk’s Cap lilies, for example, are ideal for shady areas, while the Canadense lily is known for its abundance of blooms in various colours.

Martagons, also known as Turk’s Cap lilies, are a symbol of Eden, and their unique flower shape implies beauty. The American lilies have a long history, with their heartstrings reaching all the way back to the Native Americans.

If you want to grow lilies but are unsure where to start, an overview of the types available can be very helpful. With our authority on lilies, you can make an informed decision and choose the right lily for your garden.

Keep in mind that each lily type has its own season for blooming. Although Longiflorium lilies typically bloom from March to May, other varieties may bloom at different times throughout the year. It’s important to note the blooming season before buying your lily bulbs or plants.

With the help of The Lily Authority, you can grow your own stunning and fragrant lilies to enjoy throughout the summer. Don’t be surprised if your garden becomes the talk of the town!

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