9 Ways to Improve Your Health with Herbalism


Herbal remedies are a great way to naturally support overall bodily health. Here are some useful tips on all things herbalism — from starting your own herb garden to making remedies for any number of everyday ailments.

Start Your Own Medicinal Herb Garden with These 3 Herbs

Are you looking to start your own medicinal herb garden? Then you’ve come to the right place! These three herbs – passionflower, lemon balm, and goldenseal – are not only jam-packed with medicinal qualities and uses, but are easy to grow in the majority of climates. With information on the proper growing conditions, medicinal uses, and harvesting and drying tips, this guide will have you harvesting herbs in no time!

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Herbal Remedies for Burns, Bites, Stings, and Wounds

There are a number of herbs and herbal treatments that can help reduce the discomfort and aid skin repair. Herbal remedies can soothe the pain of a burn, help fight infection, aid in the repair of the skin, and help prevent the formation of scar tissue. Each formula is supplemented with descriptions of how and why each herb works, making this guide useful to anyone from students to professionals in the realm of herbalism.

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Tips & Tricks for Harvesting and Drying Herbs

Harvesting and drying herbs correctly is a very important part of the process when it comes to making your own medicinals. Every step plays a crucial role in the potency of the end result. To take full advantage of everything the plant has to offer, you must harvest and preserve with intention.

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10 Herbs for Family Health

Growing your own healthy herbs in the backyard is a great alternative to over-the-counter cold and first aid medicine. Not only can these plants help with general wellness on a daily basis, but also can be an easy fix for small cuts, used as a calming agent, and boosting your immune system. Have more control of what goes into your body with these 10 herbs to promote natural well-being.

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Growing Medicinal Herbs: An Agricultural Revolution

Growing & using your own medicinal herbs keeps you healthy AND helps improve our environment. So what’re you waiting for? Check out these quick tips and get ready to start an agricultural revolution with medicinal herbs!

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The Best Medicine You’ve Ever Tasted: Ginger and Pineapple Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie

Does the word “medicine” conjure up images of viscous syrups and pills that leave a bad taste in your mouth? Good news! We have a recipe that is both delicious AND medicinal. Jill Stansbury’s anti-inflammatory smoothie uses natural (and tasty!) ingredients to help reduce inflammation caused by any number of circumstances. Turns out, you DON’T need a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down.

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The Taste of Herbalism: What Your Tongue is Telling You


If you’ve ever cooked with herbs, you know that taste plays a huge role when deciding which ones to use. It’s much the same when using herbs medicinally. The taste of an herb actually tells us quite a bit about the medicinal properties of the plant. We’re covering the most common tastes found in herbs and what they mean.

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Bottoms Up: All-Natural Sports Drink (Plus a Recovery Tincture!)

When exercising for extended periods of time, we lose large amounts of electrolytes. Instead of picking up a sports drink from the store, you can use Jill Stansbury’s recipe for an Electrolyte Drink to keep you going without the processed chemicals and sugars. And if you’re feeling sore after all that work, try her tincture for muscle pain with exertion.

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Need to De-stress? Take a Tea Break!

Life can be stressful! Sometimes there’s just no avoiding it. Luckily, taking a moment to brew and enjoy a cup of tea can actually help quite a bit– especially if you’re brewing a cup of Jill Stansbury’s Tea for Stress-Related Muscle Tension. So next time you’re feeling stressed, take a break and brew some tea. Better yet, brew this tea before <you’re stressed out as a preventative measure.


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Medicinal Uses for 8 Herbs Already in your Kitchen

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Dr Heidi Parkes

By Dr Heidi Parkes

Senior Information Extension Officer QLD Dept of Agriculture & Fisheries.