20 Backyard Putting Greens You Can Enjoy at Home

20 Backyard Putting Greens You Can Enjoy at Home

Playing golf can be a fun and relaxing activity for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned PGA professional, a seasoned amateur, or a complete newbie. You may even enjoy mini-golfing with your friends and family on weekends for a bit of friendly competition. However, playing golf frequently can quickly become expensive. So, if you want to keep the fun going while saving money, consider installing a putting green in your backyard.

Not only is golfing a fun activity, but it also provides various benefits that can improve your physical and mental well-being. According to the Leeds Golf Centre, golfing can help improve blood circulation and reduce the risk of cardiovascular issues such as heart attacks. Additionally, being outdoors provides mental clarity and can help reduce anxiety and stress. Whether you’re trying out the sport for the first time or have been playing for years, golfing can be a great way to stay healthy and relaxed.

If area golf courses or driving ranges are too far, setting up a putting green in your backyard will allow you to play from the comfort of your home. Indeed, you’ll be able to practice as much as you want and not have to shell out additional money or wait for other golfers to finish. Doing so will save you money, especially if you decide to install artificial turf, per Back Nine Greens.

A sod lawn requires regular maintenance, whereas artificial grass will stay clean and green for years. Conversely, installing a putting green can increase the value of your home. We know golf course memberships can be pricey, so we reviewed 20 different putting greens you can install in your backyard.

1. Elevated putting green

putting green on small hill


If part of your backyard is on a hill, installing a putting green on the incline still offers plenty of room for a pool and other outdoor fun. This putting green above has a leading trail for easier access. To make the experience challenging, put a separate putting green on the opposite side by the pool.

2. Multiple holes

putting green in backyard


Debating how big to make your putting green? First, consider the size of your backyard and the ideal number of holes. Of course, installing multiple holes will no doubt enhance your short game from different angles. This putting green pictured above has five spots to practice long and short shots.

3. Style with greenery

landscaping around putting green


Setting up a putting green also provides an avenue to incorporate fresh landscaping to make it look beautiful. In particular, this one is surrounded by boulders that separate the mini golf course from the plants and flowers, making it the perfect barrier. As a result, the space looks clean and inviting.

4. One-hole putting green

small putting green

Sheila Say/Shutterstock

For smaller backyards with limited open space, use a small patch of grass to create a one-hole putting green. Indeed, it will stand out against the rest of the yard since you’ll need to trim it for a smoother look.

5. Simple putting green

Massive backyards can take quite a bit of time for the landscaping to look stunning with a pool or garden. However, installing a putting green first lets you decide how large you want it. This backyard is on a vast amount of land, so surrounding the putting green with a playground or pool will fill the space.

6. The right location

Choosing the right spot to set it up is crucial, as it can easily take up the entire backyard or only a small part. For example, this space has the putting green on the far end of the grass section, which could’ve been extended for a more extensive course.

7. Putting green oasis

Surround your putting green with various tall trees and plants to make it your oasis, especially if you live in an area with many birds. You’ll feel like you’re in a forest. In addition to making it more relaxing, add a few water features, such as a small river or waterfall.

8. Portable courses

If you don’t want to install a putting green, build a portable mini-golf course that can be stored away during the brutal summer or winter months. Buy or create your own for you and your friends to play. This backyard has multiple mini-golf holes, with each one designed differently to make it more fun.

9. Challenging holes

If you decide to create a portable putting green, build it with a few obstacles, such as some bumps or a slight slope, like this putting green. You’ll be able to place it anywhere in your backyard, such as your porch, and get some practice swings at any time of the day.

10. Bowling putting green

For something a little more creative, use bowling pins and balls as obstacles. The swinging pins will no doubt interfere (but in a fun way) with the golf ball, making it difficult to get it into the hole. Instead, use the bowling ball as a barrier to try to get the golf ball around it.

11. Color and contrast

Say your backyard has stone flooring. Well, a good way to break up the landscape and add some greenery is with a putting green. This golf course is in the middle of the backyard, leaving the rest of the space with stone flooring and a planting garden. It also adds color and life to the gray-colored backyard.

12. Along the fence

Installing a putting green in a corner against the fence can spruce up the side of the pool. Pick a side that receives partial to full shade so you don’t get sunburned if you’re outside for hours. Additionally, you’ll be able to hang out with family or friends while they use the pool.

13. Side of the house

If your preference is for a larger putting green, extend it to the side of your house to include miniature courses with multiple holes. This backyard has a few holes at the far end and chipping mats that reach the remote spots. You can always use only the side of the house for a course.

14. Artificial turf mat

To avoid digging into your well-manicured lawn, the easiest way to install a putting green is with artificial turf. Much like this putting green, you can build one in various shapes and sizes. It’s perfect to set up anywhere.

15. Favorite character obstacles

Designing your own putting green? Give it a theme to make it look more fun. For example, this putting green features Mario Bros. characters, including Mario, Bowser, and the Nintendo logo. Incorporating them makes it harder to play and win, but perfect for a friendly competition.

16. Subtle putting green

Regardless if your house is secluded from other neighbors, place a putting green in a spot surrounded by trees. This one keeps things simple with a one-hole course, but has a wide area to play from any angle.

17. Floating green

We’ve already mentioned how you can install a putting green next to the pool, but there’s also the option of buying a floating version. For example, this piece of artificial turf provides a means to chip golf balls from the yard onto the green. Good luck getting a hole-in-one!

18. String lights

It can be difficult to see which way to hit the golf ball during nightly hangouts, but hanging some strings lights can light up the area. This backyard has a putting green along the entire backside, with lights hung from above to make it easier to swing and play.

19. The entire backyard

If you’re eager to enhance your golf skills, you’ll need a larger course with multiple holes. This will give you the practice you need by using more than half of your backyard. For example, this putting green takes up the entire left side of the backyard.

20. A sand bunker

Golf courses usually have different types of sand bunkers to make the game more challenging. Once the ball lands inside the bunker, it can be challenging to get it out. If you are planning to add a putting green to your backyard, consider adding a small bunker if you have enough space.

Dr Heidi Parkes

By Dr Heidi Parkes

Senior Information Extension Officer QLD Dept of Agriculture & Fisheries.